Sunday, October 21, 2007

The F Bomb

On lazy uneventful days such as these I'll be dipping into the grab bag of old stories in order to catch up on all the good stuff from our pre-blog life. Here is one of my favorite stories about Q thus far from about 6 months ago. Kids say the darndest shit!

Q and I were reading one of Q's favorite Curious George adventures. It involves fire trucks. Go figure. When we reached that inevitable peek of monkey naughtiness, Q, shaking his head, plainly comments, "Fucking Monkey." Now despite this statement being the most perfectly articulated two words that he has ever blurted out, I seriously questioned whether I had heard him correctly. "Fucking George.", again shaking his head, pointing at the little trouble making primate on the page before us. This time there was no denying what he said. There is also no doubt to the fact that he picked up this expletive from his mother's pregnancy hormones induced tirade a few day's prior in the car because I took the "wrong" entrance into the mall of america. I'm willing to take the rap for most of Q's extensive inappropriate vocabulary. "Shit" and "damn it" come to mind. But K8 is definitely the one that's to blame for this one. Fucking K8!

Friday, October 19, 2007

First post

There is something very un-Lake Wobegon about posting yourself up for everyone to see or, for that matter, assuming that anyone would want to see you in the first place. Can you even be passive aggressive over the internet? So, despite my inner Minnesotan telling me that there is something very wrong with having a blog, here I am. The voice of the metro-hipster-alternadad inside of me, the arrogant bastard that he is, has emerged the winner for my stay at home dad soul.

Why am I here? What do I bring to this rediculously overcrowded potluck dinner we refer to, with finger quotes, as the blogosphere? Tapirs Poop Hotdish! Here's the recipe:

4 cans of sweetened condenced pictures of my kid (soon to be kids, more on that later)
2 lbs of fresh organic kid stories
2 jars of canned organic kid stories
2 cups of things to do around Minneapolis-St. Paul with and without kids.
2 cups of dry humor
1 cup of juvenile humor
3 Tbs of poor grammer and spelling

Mix all ingrediance together. Sprinkle with french fried onions. bake for 30 min. at 350 degrees.