Wednesday, May 27, 2009


On Saturday May 16th K8 and I had a date night planned. We had a babysitter coming to watch the boys so we could go out for sushi, K8 was finally willing to venture beyond the California Roll, then a slow walk around Lake of the Isles like we used to pre-kids. Before the babysitter arrived K8 happened to check her email and find an offer of employment from the United States Department of State.

K8's pursuit of a position in the Foreign Service started over a year ago as one of those things that you say "Why not? It doesn't hurt to try. It's not like I would actually get the job anyway." Well it looks like she got the job and we are in for the biggest change of our lives. While we bravely sampled uncooked creatures of the sea at Fuji-Ya we discussed all the changes and possibilities, fears and hopes, and the vast chasm of what we didn't know.

As we talked Q's voice began to ring louder and louder in my head. "On to adventure!", he would announce as he jumped off various surfaces. "On to adventure!", he proclaimed as he raced around the block on his big wheel. "On to adventure.", I replied to K8's questioning eyes filled with excitement and fear. "On to adventure!" Nothing like committing to upending your family's future over octopus, river eel, and Sake-tinis.

Since then there has been much research and daydreaming with small spurts of planning. By late July we will be living in Washington D.C. By mid August we will know where in the great wide world our government will be sending us. Until then it's not really worth stressing out over where we will be posted. We've got enough to occupy us with trying to sell our house and planning the move to DC.

Now that we've had some time to really come to terms with all this means to us and the boys, we are bursting with excitement... excitement and fear. Because leaving a life in a city you love filled with the best friends you could ever ask for, giving up close proximity to the family that is more important than you could ever express to them, and abandoning a standard of living provided by a sky-rocketing career that K8 worked so hard and long to achieve is scary, scary as fucking hell. But, as the saying goes, "Don't regret fear, fear regret."