Tuesday, November 20, 2007

GO! The Walker Art Center: Arty Pants

Next Tuesday is yet another installment of Arty Pants at the Walker. We haven't been there for quite a while. Unfortunately we missed this months First Free Saturday, another awesome regular event. This month they were celebrating the new Frida Kahlos special exhibit. For December it looks like First Free Saturday will be everything Hip Hop.

Any-who, I think we are a bit over due to get our art on, so we will be doing our best to make it to the Walker next Tuesday (Nov. 27) at 11 am. That's really the only downfall of this program. It starts at 11am. This kinda forces you to either leave after only an hour or less or to have lunch with the kids at the 20.21 Wolfgang Puck restaurant upstairs. But doing that is like having a perfectly good date night dining experience wasted on the food flinging product of a similar date night from the distant past.

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