Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Babies CAN Sleep At Night!

Last night ,the third night at home, Ozzi slept great. He only woke up twice to eat and even then he just quietly fussed instead of screaming like the last two nights. This is great because it allows me to get up in the morning with Q, have breakfast, and then spend some quality time with the internet while Q watches Curious George on PBS and K8 takes a little morning snooze with Ozzi.

A few things I've found worth sharing:

1. They Might Be Giants just started a video podcast for kids. So far its pretty cool. You can find it in iTunes Store. I'm guessing they will use some of the stuff they already have on YouTube like this,

2. the music video that I constantly saw on MTV Italia while we were in Italy a year before Q was born,

3. and if you really want to feel stupid watch this guy kick some serious math ass.

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