Wednesday, December 5, 2007


With the 6 or so inches of snow we got over the weekend we were able to get started on this years snow fort. Granted with only 6 in. of fluffy powder, I had to resort to shoveling the sidewalk, driveway, and neighbors sidewalk into a wheelbarrow to get enough of a hill going in the backyard. I was able to incorporate Q's little tyke toddler slide on top of the sandbox into the design creating a snow slide going into the tunnels. I also managed to start the first level of large snow blocks to make up the first stage of the castle.

Now with the snow we got last night I should be able to add a little more. It's a season long project that I will update with pictures from time to time.


peter hoh said...

What's your technique for the tunnel? Do you pile the snow, let it sit for a day or two, and then dig out the tunnel? Sometimes, I set one or two trash cans on their sides and mound over them. Later, I pull them out for an instant tunnel.

The snow blocks look like they were made by filling blue recycling tubs with snow. This works so much better with wet, heavy snow. It's a slow process with the light powder that we've been getting this December.

DK said...

With the first big snow I shoveled our, and our neighbors' sidewalks into a wheelbarrow and dumped it into a big pile. Then I made the tunnels.

The blocks took A LOT of packing until this last batch of snow. It was a little warmer out so it was a bit more sticky. I'll have to make another post with some updated pictures. It's been added to quite a bit.