Monday, February 25, 2008

29th birthday, take three. Action!

Tuesday being my 3rd 29th birthday in a row, I've decided to be youthfully ambitious with my plans for the day's activities. I'm going to be starting the day off with a short visit to the toddler open gym at the Edgcumbe Rec. Center. Q will play, run, race, fight, crash, cry, and play some more. I will try to feed Ozzi.

We will try to leave open gym soon enough to make it to Arty Pants at The Walker at 11am. While there I hope to be able to check out the Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes exhibit. We'll see if it challenges or reaffirms my anti-suburb snobbery. More likely, the challenge of keeping Q's fingers off the art will prevent me from any real reflection on the obesity epidemic that is the suburbs (sorry, like I said, I'm a snob). Q's trail of fingerprints on art around the world would make the most prolific of taggers jealous. And now that I'm also going to have a 15 lbs baby strapped to my chest... well, lets just say that though I would never actually use one of those toddler leashes, I understand a little more everyday why someone might.

If somehow we don't get kicked out and blacklisted forever, we will have lunch upstairs at the Gallery 8 Cafe.

Now if I was really ambitious I would take the bus/LRT but that would require us to skip open gym and Q asks to go to open gym every day. Of course, he also asks to go to London every day, and we certainly don't give into that.

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PumpkinGirl said...

Happy Birthday! Open gym sounds fun. Can't wait til our babe can move. Wait, did I just say that??