Thursday, February 21, 2008

The best (kid friendly) coffee shop in the Twin Cities

On a tip from one of the moms in my ECFE class I took the boys to Java Train a few weeks back and we are hooked. I'm putting aside Friday mornings as our weekly visit but we will probably be there more often than that.

Why is this place so damn special you ask? Well, lets start with the train theme. Just having the word train in it's name makes Q want to go there. I know there are a few other coffee joints around town that have little play areas for the kiddies but this joint has a two story kiddie caboose with toys inside and a model train running on the top of it. Its toddler heaven.

Now I'm not a big coffee drinker but I do love a good chai and frankly they have one of the best chais in town. On top of that they have a great looking selection of steamers, lots of great food, and to top it all off Izzy's Ice Cream! Mmmmmm!

The last thing worth mentioning is the location. Though I would love it if it were across the street from our house, the location is still pretty great. Its just close enough to Como Park/Zoo to walk there but far enough that you don't smell the giraffes.

See you there on Friday mornings!

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