Thursday, March 13, 2008

Today was a good day.

Serendipity started our day off by showing her humorous side. While leaving the house for ECFE, Q slipped on a little ice and fell in the big puddle in the backyard. After quickly changing him into dry pants we got into the car. As we pulled off, Nobody's Off The Hook by Rufus Wainwright was playing on The Current. The song begins with the line "Haven't fallen down in a while". This line is repeated a few times throughout the song and specifically right before some poor law student, overburdened with his bags, biffed it on some ice right in front of William Mitchell as we drove past. Comedy, they say, is all about timing.

ECFE was great with a little field trip for the parents, 7 moms and me, to Nina's Coffee & Cafe and Garrison Keillor's bookstore, Common Good Books. While there, I picked up Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois after my newest mom friend, Lauren, recommended it, likening it to a "new religion".

Even after class, when I foolishly forgot Ozzi's car seat back in the classroom because he was still sleeping in the Phil & Ted's, fate smiled upon us thanks to Lauren. She offered to run back into school to get it for us while we hung-out with her little guy, Oliver.

After a nice lunch I took the boys for a nice long walk, meandering and splashing through our wonderful Mac-Groveland neighborhood. At one point I saw an 80+ year-old woman get into the drivers seat of a Prius with a Green Party bumper sticker. Damn hippies!

Did I mention that it got to 50 degrees.... above zero! Time to get out the shorts.


PumpkinGirl said...

SEE?? We call 50 degrees SHORTS WEATHER! 80 degrees is topless beach time!

peter hoh said...

Yes, it was a very good day. I began to think that winter was gone. Silly me.