Wednesday, June 18, 2008

But does it come with the LATCH system?

At $100,000+ the Fisker Karma is still a lot more than I'm willing to pay for an environmentally friendly car. But, next to the similarly priced Tesla it does have some major advantages.

Four doors. The Tesla doesn't even have a back seat.

The Karma is an electric-first plug-in hybrid. So for your under-50-miles-a-day commute you won't use any gas, but on the weekend when you need to go 300 miles out to the lake the backup gas engine will get you, and the kids, there.

The design for the interior of the Karma is way cooler.

Best of all, the Karma has a solar roof that, while it is parked out in the hot sun of the Super Target parking lot, will power the A/C to keep the inside of the car nice and cool when you get back in. Oh hell yeah, that feature itself is worth $100,000.

Now if only they (or Tesla) would make a wagon.

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Grant Fox said...

The Fisker Karma is actually selling for less than $100K, somewhere in the neighborhood of $80,000. The first 100 were pre-sold at a $100K price-point, but those are collector's editions with extra bells and whistles.