Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hero of The Week: Kim

Kim purchased a One Laptop Per Child XO Laptop for an up coming trip to Sierra Leone. Then later decided it would be too difficult to bring it with everything else. Instead of selling it on ebay for the going rate of $400+, she decided to sell it to someone locally for much cheaper. That someone was me.

So, Kim, thank you so much. Q loves it. Good luck in Sierra Leon. Godspeed.

Update: After originally posting this I started thinking how it would be cool if I could get together some stuff (books, crayons, etc.) to give to Kim before she left to give away to the kids in Sierra Leone. After contacting her she accepted my offer and informed me she leaves THIS THURSDAY. Not much time to work but I already got over 100 little 4 packs of crayons from the wonderful people at Pizza Luce on Selby.

So if you want to drop off a book or two (small paperbacks are best) contact me. I'm giving everything to Kim Wed. morning. If you're hungry for great pizza go to Pizza Luce on Selby.

Click here for more info on the organization that she will be working with while in Sierra Leone.

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