Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hero of The Week: Feliciano Dos Santos

Let’s wash our hands
Let’s wash our hands
For the children to stay healthy
For the uncles to stay healthy
For the mothers to stay healthy
We build latrines

That's a rough translation from one of the songs by Feliciano Dos Santos and his band Massukos. Having grown up in the remote Niassa region of Mozambique, Santos is all too familiar with the horrific toll poor sanitation can have.

One of the biggest pop stars in Mozambique, Santos is now using his icon status to fight the diseases that plague so much of Africa. Many of those diseases are ones that we often think of as being eradicated. Santos himself walks with a limp from his battle with polio.

Click here to watch a great profile on Santos and his work from PBS's Frontline/World.

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