Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An unfair advantage

If the Minnesota State fair is a fair assessment of this fair state and nation, we're screwed! On the other hand, if the fair is an accurate sampling of the population at large, I am a much better looking individual, compared to the observed average, than my poor self-esteem allows me to believe. That same boost of confidence via the observed average fair-goer ends up being a bit of a trap for me. "I can totally have another deep fried candy bar. I have a long way to go before I look that bad."

Some other highlights of the fair:

Scoring an awesome Current t-shirt.

The best weather for the State Fair ever.

Crazy chickens.


Giant hunk of bacon on a stick. (to the right of the corndog)

The fine arts building. Awesome as always.

Our internet friend PumpkinGirl winning a crafty ribbon.

Watching Q go ape-shit watching the BMX and skateboard show. (ape-shitting not shown)

Some low points:

The couple that, at 9am, I could smell the booze on from 5 feet away in the livestock birthing building.

The 4H building slowly turning into the Nintendo Wii building. What the hell. 4H being dominated by video games is like the boy scouts being run by people that know nothing about outdoor survival.... oh wait.

We're screwed.


PumpkinGirl said...

I might need some booze before watching animal birthing, too. I mean, yikes! At 9 AM I want to be happily visiting the Creative Activities building looking at pies. I gotta save birthing for just *before* corndogs.

Thanks for the shoutout. My kiddo had Mexican food the night before the fair. Need I say more? Changing a diaper at the fair is fun times...

peter hoh said...

Bacon on a stick is pretty awesome. I'm with you on the 4-H stuff.

No more Kidway for me and my kids. We walked the Midway and made our way through a couple sheets of ride tickets. We went into the freak show tent at the end of the Midway. One kid loved the campy schtick. The other couldn't wait to get out.

Wish I had known where to look for Pumpkin Girls craftiness. One of my neighbors, for whom I have acted as a taster, won sweepstakes for her cake entry.