Monday, October 13, 2008

Hero of The Week: Jay Walker

As long as I can remember daydreaming has taken up a large portion of my time. These daydreams vary from crazy inventions (that wouldn't work) to ideas on helping the less fortunate (that I always forget) to fantasies of what I would do once one of those ideas made me a multi-billionaire (which will never happen). One of those fantasies that I have held onto since I was a kid is my dream home. Certainly the layout and features of the house in my head has changed over the years, but one critical aspect of the design has remained constant, the library. I have always dreamed of a home centered around a massive library that contained a motley collection of bizarre, remarkable, and historic books and artifacts.

This brings me to this weeks hero, Jay Walker. The man behind has transplanted the library in my brain strait into his Connecticut home. His library, featured recently by Wired, houses one of the greastest collections in the world celebrating knowledge and inovation. I would sacrafice my finest goat to get an hour in that room. Of course, I'd have to leave the boys at home. Something tells me Jay wouldn't apreciate drool on his Engima machine.

From King James to James Bond, Chaucer to Sputnik, a personal library like no other.
Photo: Andrew Moore

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