Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hero(es) of The Week: Minnesota Dads At Home

My level of involvement with MDAH has dwindled since I first joined up with them after Q was born. They are a fantastic group of guys that I wish our schedule would allow me to hang out more with. Looking at myself in the mirror, I wish I would have at least made time for the Friday morning run around Lake Calhoun.

Over the past few weeks this group of stay at home dads has really demonstrated what it means to lead by example and be an at home role model to their kids. One of the dads has been struck with some major medical issues and is, last I heard, in some level of coma. When the news of this tragedy broke to the group there was an immediate outpouring of prayers, offers, and planning to help the family in anyway they could. Today, the family's yard work is being done by an army of Stay at Home Dads. I think there are plans to finish some painting another day.

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