Monday, October 20, 2008

Modern Times

One might argue that my not having a super-high-tech phone like the awesome new G1 (seriously Google, you and Tmobile have my address. How shameless do I have to get here?) would disqualify me from the title of "modern dad". Well, one might be right, but I'm trying. For example;

Q is getting quite familiar with computers and has his own XO Laptop,

the boys have their own ipod that even Ozzi is learning to operate,

and this weekend we went to a party hosted by someone we only knew via the internet. Our internet real life friend Pumpkin Girl put on a great party for the kids and the adults as well. She generously sent everyone home with her highly sought after handmade baby clothes available on etsy.

Q scored a rockin' guitar shirt.

Ozzi got his dirty little hands on one of the famous tiesies. All we need now is a pair of red baby Cons and Ozzi could be Chuck for Halloween.


KristenMary said...

Oh, they look so cute in their pumpkin girl clothes! It was so nice meeting you and your family at the party. We don't get "out" much these days!!

- Ronan's Mom

PumpkinGirl said...

Aw, your gang looks awesome! So glad the stuff fits!!!