Thursday, October 16, 2008

ppppa ch pa pa ch ika ika ika

Here in the Twin Cities we have a seemingly endless supply of classes and activities for little kids. From art to ballroom dancing to music to Chinese, with just a little searching you can fill "_______ for kids" with most any subject that you want your child to get an early start on. Well, almost every subject. Despite Minneapolis/St. Paul being home to several music schools, I can not find a single Beatboxing for Kids class. What the hell yo? I thought the Minniapple was supposed to be all progressive and shit.

So MacPhail Center for Music, to help you get with the times I've compiled a short list of possible instructors for your new Beatboxing course:

Biz Markie, Nobody beats the Biz!

James Burchfield

Gregg Pattillo

or The Fat Boys might be looking for work these days.

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PumpkinGirl said...

Do they teach punk for kids anywhere? Screaming comes so naturally for'd think it'd be a perfect fit.