Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Year In Blur


The calender and your mother tell me a year has past since your early arrival ruined our plans for one last date night. Not that I'm bitter about that but it is a nice little story to hang over your head on occasion. Just like how, every once in a great while, I remind your mother that I turned down a date with Britney Murphy for her (don't tell her, but I'm endlessly glad I did).

You and your brother have sure made recalling this past year in detail near impossible. It's all a blur of no, stop, hold still, go to sleep, aaahhhh, and shit. And though the person who you will become is still a mystery I have learned a few things about you thus far.

You have my appetite and metabolism. You're only one but you have the caloric intake of a 16 year old.

You are a stubborn roaring belligerent bad-ass little force of nature.... just like your mom... and I love that!

You've earned yourself more nicknames than an average member of the Wu Tang Clan. Ozzi was the first. Then came Cuddlefish for your love of nuzzling and your ability to turn red at the drop of a very angry hat. Q, droppin' some robotic science, coined Ozbot and it stuck like glizzue fo' shizzue. Shortly after that you started training for Everest and I christened you Reinhold Messner.

Your big brother loves you more than I ever thought possible for a sibling and you seem to adore him even more than you do your own parents... and we're cool with that. Though there is the occasional conflict, I can already see that you two will always have each others' back... and that is more important to me than most anything else.

You are a smart, inquisitive, fast, and funny little dude... and I love you more than life itself.

Happy Birthday!


PumpkinGirl said...

What's with making me tear up already!? Cut it out!!!!!

What an adorable kid you have. Happy Birthday OZBOT! That looks like a pretty swell cake!

If you guys are up for a playdate, let's do it (after xmas?). I need more deets on the missed date(s).

DK said...

that cake was the free cake from Lund's. They give free cakes for 1 year old birthdays if you bring in a birth certificate. It's a pretty sweet deal not too many people seem to know about. Their meat dept also will sharpen knives for you too.

We're always up for playdates. As long as it's not -37 degrees windchill out.

The missed date was the two tickets I had to a red carpet premier of Juno at the Walker with Diablo Cody.