Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Cradle Was Rocked

Every year Rock The Cradle gets better... and more crowded. I really wish they did this more often. If it happened more regularly it would probably be a bit less like Mecca to us crazy cooped up Minnasnowda parents. All in all though, the changes they made from last year were drastic improvements and helped significantly in making the hoards of kids and their parents more manageable. The free photo booths were a big hit and using the big party room for alternating between story-time and Jeremy Messersmith was perfect.

What was even more perfect was that we got to talk to Jeremy before his first set and request Q's favorite Jeremy Messersmith song, Light Rail. Not only did he play it but he started of with it and gave Q a little shout-out at the end. Thanks Jeremy, you rock.. even if K8 was bummed you didn't play Welcome To Suburbia. Old McDonald probably played better to that crowd anyway.

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PumpkinGirl said...

I am crowd averse, otherwise we'da joined the masses. Looks fun!