Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Mr. Mom" In The News

Yesterday morning the Today Show did a little story about the current economic downturn boosting stay at home dad numbers. They do make a few good points specifically for those dads that have been laid off and a few good tips in general. But unfortunately they also, to a certain extent, implied that stay at home dads are "forced" into staying at home and that "Most dads don't know what they are doing."

The other thing that bothers me and most other stay at home dads is the common use of "Mr. Mom". Look, I understand that it was a popular movie and that it is often the only frame of reference for many people when it comes to SAHDs. What I don't understand is why the use of this term doesn't bother most women. Calling me "Mr. Mom" blatantly implies that caring for my children and maintaining a home is "woman's work". That shouldn't just bother me, it should offend most anyone. To put it another way; When the Today Show does a story on the rise of women filling CEO positions will they use "Playing Mrs. Dad" for the title?

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PumpkinGirl said...

Yeah, Jason spits blood when he hears this. Mostly he hears it from his jackass relatives, rather than friends. So luckily we haven't had to "de-friend" anyone over it...yet.