Friday, January 16, 2009

Planet Earth

We are encroaching a once a week average for zoo visits these days. Most often the Minnesota Zoo, but we do mix in the occasional stop at Como Zoo as well. Q has developed a passionate interest in the natural world and I'm guessing all our time at the zoo has something to do with that. That passion is even more prevalent now that he owns Planet Earth.

For Christmas Q was given the Planet Earth series on DVD (I swear to god, that was the first thing he said when I asked him what he wanted for Christmas. We had rented the series earlier in Nov.). While the boys were sick these last two weeks I got a little bit more willing to put in a movie while Q laid down on the couch. Every time I would ask what he wanted to watch, even suggesting Wall-E (I love Wall-E). Every time he would request a Planet Earth DVD. In fact, a lot of the time, he would request a specific episode. The caves one is his favorite he says. Is it weird for a now 4 year-old to prefer a documentary over cartoons?

Is it even weirder for a now 4 year-old to loudly cheer on the predators as they pursue their prey? "GO TIGER GO! GET THAT MONKEY!" What the hell? This is the same kid that offers his favorite stuffed animals to crying babies to make them feel better. He's even started acting out scenes from the show with his Little People animals.

You can totally tell he still felt like crap in that last picture. I'm glad that's over.

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