Friday, March 27, 2009

Hot Wheels

I'm sure everyone is already covering Tesla's new Model S, concentrating on it's 300 mile range, 45 minute charge time, quickly interchangeable battery, and it's sleek styling. That is all awesome, but what blew me away is their claim that it seats 7. Add in the storage in the hatchback and under the hood and you've got room for the kids and all the stuff that goes with them... in an electric car!

This is what a family car should be. No exhaust that you have to tell your kids to stay out of. No oil changes. Damn, I what this car. Well, I've got till 2011 to save up $50,000.

I wonder if Hot Wheels will make an orange version of this one to add to our collection.

1 comment:

PumpkinGirl said...

Screw "seats 7" -- I'm out the door in the red number. Saweet!