Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three Infections and One Birthday

We have a half eaten Chocolate Chocolate Cake from Cafe Latte on the kitchen counter, left over from K8's Birthday, begging me to add it to my already thick winter layer of all natural personal insulation. We have three separate prescriptions of Amoxicillin being administered at the prescribed regular intervals to all but me. We have Charlie Chaplin's The Kid in the DVD player reminding us of our nation's past and possible future. The house is a disaster of toys, clothing, and food shrapnel and I am without the gumption to remedy such overwhelming domestic intranquility. All gumption was exhausted the other day in meticulously, and lovingly, manufacturing the tiny 3D Q and O earrings out of origami paper. There is only one thing that can save me from this morose state of being. Beastie Boys. Loud, loud, Beastie Boys.

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PumpkinGirl said...

OMG, we live in a parallel universe. We have no cake, but we have three separate infections. Three out of three of us are cranky and tired. Yay! Domestic Intraquility sums it up!