Thursday, November 15, 2007

Polizia Italia Tragedia

Q: walking around the house holding a 1st generation ipod to his ear like a phone. "Hi." Long pause (listening). "Yeah. It's burnt. Yeah. Broken. No work. Police car tires melted. Yeah."

DK: "Who are you talking to buddy?"

Q: "Fire Station."

Rewind to two days prior. I'm making gnocchi for dinner. Q is "helping". I turn the burner off and take the big pot of gnocchi off the stove. I turn around and start draining it. Q is standing on a stool playing with a little toy polizei Smart Car that we picked up in Italy a few years back. He is not within arms reach of the stove.

While straining the gnocchi I hear Q say in a calm non-attention grabbing tone, "Car slow down. Car stop. Papa. Car slow down. Uh oh."

After several other incidents around the house my ears have become very acutely trained to pick out Q saying uh oh. I quickly turned around to see Q still a safe distance away from the stove top but apparently a high speed pursuit of an unknown assailant across the kitchen counter had come to a very abrupt end after jumping onto the burner that was previously boiling water.

Luckily he wasn't burnt and molten rubber comes off of the stove top easier than one might think. The gnocchi was very good.

DK: "Who are you talking to buddy?"

Q: "Fire Station."

DK: "Oh yeah?"

Q: "Here Papa. They wanna talk to you."

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