Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Q's favorite songs... for now.

I know that there are a lot of "hipster" parents out there that constantly talk about how cool their kids are because they like Interpol, The Sex Pistols, Wu Tang Clan, etc. I try not to dictate Q's musical tastes. I prefer gently influence. He certainly likes some stuff I can barely tolerate and some I can't stand.

When he's in the car with me we listen to The Current where he managed to take a liking to MIA for a while. Jack Johnson seems to be his regular fall back music thanks to the Curious George movie soundtrack. At the moment he has two favorites that he constantly wants me to play. Here they are:

Thanks to the video ipod ad, he has taken a serious shining to Feist's 1234 song.

Then there's his other current favorite. Lately I've been listening to Brother Ali while cleaning up or making dinner. I'm pretty proud of the fact that he likes this one since in my humble opinion Brother Ali is one of the best new Hip Hop acts on the scene. Maybe I'm biased being that he's from Minneapolis but...

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