Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hey Julia, give me a call. We'll set up a playdate!

Once again, a celebrity validates that I am... ahh, I mean my kids are way cool!

First, I have to make two small confessions:

1. K8 has a subscription to Entertainment Weekly. Her "guilty pleasure".

2. I, on occasion, find myself perusing its pages of oh so valuable information from inside the entertainment and celebrity world. I feel so dirty.

Anywho, while browsing through the latest edition of said filth, I dicovered that Julia Roberts and her offspring are big fans of Mo Willems. US TOO! Wow. We could totally hang out, maybe trade some recipes, complain about the cost of organic milk, and gossip about other moms. "Oh that Britney."

Seriously though, if you don't own any Mo Willems books, go to the Red Balloon and get them all right now. Then you too can be cool like me and the prostitute in Pretty Woman.

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