Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The best/worst thing about owning a Phil & Ted's Stroller

Since Belinda and the Svenomenon are telling me that today would be the only day worth crawling out of our caves for I decided to double up on adventure with the boys. This morning we went to M.I.A., home for lunch and diaper changes, then off to the Minnesota Zoo for a few smelly hours.

At both locations, and on the other days that we've ventured outside this "spring" with our Phil & Teds Sport, I've noticed that it's a bit like driving an Aston Martin around town... in Roseau. All the Graco pushers we pass are pointing and staring at the stroller as though it was levitating. Several people have actually stopped us to ask us for autographs... ah, I mean, ask about the stroller. Now I know how Brad Pitt feels all the time.

All this attention can be a pain in the ass. Or, if your Omarosa-like ego hungers for reaffirmation that you are indeed cool, as is my case, the Phil & Teds was the best money we've ever spent. Never mind the fact that the stroller currently sits in the trunk of a car worth less than the actual stroller. You gotta have your priorities straight.

As a follow-up to an earlier post about Q's love for Van Gogh; As soon as we entered the Impressionists gallery, Q correctly pointed out the Van Gogh on the wall amongst all the other paintings.

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PumpkinGirl said...

Ha! We're a Graco family, but I think our stroller is STILL worth more than our vehicle. Well, it'd be a close call. The kiddos gotta ride in style, right?!