Sunday, April 13, 2008

I may not be cool, but my kids will be.

I try and convince myself that I drive around in a beat up old Nissan Altima is part of my attempt to live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly life. In reality it has more to do with our addiction to cool clothes for the boys preventing the coffers from filling enough to invest in a newer vehicle. Oh well, driving a beater is a small price to pay for kids clothes this kick-ass!

From PsychoBaby:

From BabyWit:


PumpkinGirl said...

There's a Pacifier open in the building I work in's extremely dangerous. So many witty and clever tee shirts, what's a mama to do?!

DK said...

K8's office is just a few blocks away from there and walks by pretty often on the way to and from lunch.

In your case, you can always make bags out of the shirts when the little one out grows them.