Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ozzi's first visit to Mattocks Park is an exciting one.

It was finally nice enough outside today for Q, Ozzi, and I to reclaim residency at our fair weather second home, Mattocks Park. Our first visit of the season (first ever visit for Ozzi) was certainly not without excitement.

Shortly after our arrival, while Q is bouncing on the metal bouncy thing, I notice a small cylinder covered in duct tape attached to the bottom of it with two magnets. It looked like a miniature version of a pipe bomb. Very homemade. Very suspicious.

Now, I'm not a paranoid parent thinking danger is lurking around every corner. I could think of several, much more likely, things that this little cylinder could be. Ultimately though, I just couldn't ignore the voice in my head saying, "but what if it is, and you do nothing?" So, I called 911.

After a few minutes of quietly rapping the chorus of K8's favorite Public Enemy song in my head two cops showed up, shot the shit with me for a while, then agreed with my guess that it was a geocaching thing. Ignoring my understanding of procedure for suspicious packages, one of them pulled the little pipe off the playground equipment, shook it next to her ear, "Well, its not ticking." and opened it. Safety first. It was luckily, as we suspected, a piece of GPS dork treasure.

Though I'm obviously thankful it wasn't anything dangerous, I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed they didn't call in the bomb squad to remote detonate the thing with the cool robot. That would have been awesome!

The rest of my time was spent demoing the Phil & Teds for the small group of moms that were ogling it. Seriously, where the hell is my commission check?

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peter hoh said...

Next time, put an alarm clock in a box and wrap it with duct tape.

Just kidding.