Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I know I can buy carbon offsets....

...but where can I get sissy offsets. I need to build something or play some tackle football. Maybe I should pick up smoking cigars again. That's manly.

This arrived in my email the other day....

...and I briefly considered going. I think K8 will be going in my stead. If you decide to go too, make sure to say hi to her. She should be easy to find. She'll be the most beautiful woman in the room (aaahhh) and she will be talking about how she has the best husband in the whole wide world ;)

I'll be getting plenty of "girl talk" tomorrow night at Bar Abeline with my mom friends for another well deserved "Moms' Night Out" I can already taste the margaritas... um, I mean beer. I am continuously amazed how this group of stay at home moms are willing to put up with this stay at home dad. I really am lucky I managed to find such great friends willing to look past my manly veneer... eroded as it may be.

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