Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm callin' 'er done.... for now.

I dialed back my overly ambitious plans for gardening this spring. I'm relatively satisfied with what we managed to get done and am leaving all the plans for the front yard for next year. What we did get done turned out to be a pretty nice play garden. I'm also pretty proud of the amount of recycled/reused materials I was able to use.

The veggie fort turned out pretty sweet using the neighbors tree trimmings. It seems pretty sturdy and will really look cool once the sweet 100 tomatoes, yellow plum tomatoes, and scarlet runner beans start to grow over it all.

It looks like the poppies that we transfered and split from the neighbors yard will survive along with all the other flowers and veggies that we purchased... except one Himalayan Blue Poppy that didn't make it. Hopefully the huge volume of basil we planted will keep up with our steady use. We should have everything we need for a great ratatouille this fall. Mmm.


peter hoh said...

Be aware that a lot of poppies die back after blooming. It looks like they are dead. Don't overwater in an attempt to bring them back.

I'm working on a plant list for giving away. Got any interest in some tall yellow daisies or some canna lily bulbs?

peter hoh said...

By the way, the Fort Veggie looks awesome.

DK said...

Thanks for the tip about over watering. I don't think I have but I'll be careful. One day the three of them that I split look like they are coming back with new green leaves then the next they don't look very good again.

The Scarlet runners are starting to show up now... which is great since it was looking like the squirrels were getting them all.

I'm always willing to take free stuff. Thanks.