Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hilton Head

All Paris Hilton Blowjob jokes aside, our family trip to Hilton Head for K8's firm's "Family Weekend" was a lot of fun. Not being golfers we would have never gone there on our own and will most likely not return. All the stuff the Marriott had set up for all of the children was amazing and Q had a blast. We stayed a few extra days to go to Charleston to visit some friends and to tour Savannah before flying home.

Highlights of the trip:
Q peeing on K8's leg on the beach.
Q peeing on the plants right in front of the beach towel booth.
Q peeing into the packed kiddie pool.
Q not peeing in his pants!
Pizza at Mellow Mushroom.
Two (tipsy) nighttime walks on the beach, just K8 and I.
County Road 17.
Wandering beautiful Charleston with our friends Bill, Ana, Will, and Izzy.
Shopping in ShopSCAD and Cherub in Savannah.
Eating two of the best damn cupcakes I've ever had.
The 70% of the time in the air that Ozzi wasn't screaming as though a confederate flag was being branded into his side.

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PumpkinGirl said...

Looks like good fun!