Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boys Who Like Boys

Most day's I'll say that having two boys is ideal for our little family. I love having two boys and am relieved that I will never have to worry about a teenage daughter or have to put up with a ton of princess shit. I know I, of all people, shouldn't be giving in to socially prescribed gender roles, but Hannah Montana is lurking around every corner to deprogram all attempts to raise an anti-princess. Having two boys also provides me with an almost endless supply of Beastie Boys costumes for the three of us for many a Halloween.
That all being said, every once in a while I do miss the little girl we will not have. I'm bummed that we'll never get to use the name we picked out for a girl (Harper). I'm even more disappointed when I think of all the great songs that I would have sung to her. Not that I can sing.

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