Friday, August 8, 2008

Steve's Face and a Windy Vagina

During my senior year in high school I was briefly in a band we called Steve's Face. And by "in a band" I mean I just wrote the songs. And by "wrote the songs" I mean I wrote a bunch of lyrics and suggested wacked-out concepts to Dave, the prodigy. Dave took care of the whole music part of the writing process. We were like Elton John and whoever the hell that other guy is that wrote Elton John's lyrics. The third guy in our revolutionary crew, Jason, was the guitar playing frontman. If nothing else, Jason had the excess part of the frontman persona down pat.

Our songs were quite varied. There was a heavy thrashing tune called Steve about a kid and his vulgar relationship with his mother. There was Land of the Lazy Eye, a psychedelic ballad, again, about Steve. I wrote a little ditty titled The Anarchy Polka, pretty self explanatory. We even had a Mariachi style piano number that was going to include gun shots and us yelling "eye eye eeeyyyee!".

Then Beck released Odely. It blew my mind. It was everything that I was dreaming for Steve's Face but a million-gazillion times better than anything we could ever dream up. Steve's Face was soon disbanded. What was the point? We'd been bested... times infinity.

Anywho, my point in this story is that the same sort of thing has happened again. This time with the blog The Wind In Your Vagina by Black Hockey Jesus, a fellow daddy blogger. This guy is always hilarious and often touching. He takes smartassery to an whole new level in blogging and writes like I can only dream to.

This time however I'm not giving up. I'm instead comforted that there is at least one other guy out there that might have a hard time telling respectable adults the title of his blog.

So there, the title of this post has been explained.


LiteralDan said...

I feel the same way you do about BHJ, and I sympathize with your "respectable adults" problem without suffering from it myself. (I had thought of that and planned ahead when I started mine.)

PumpkinGirl said...

Thanks for the blog recommendation. Can't wait to read it!

Your band sounds pretty awesome. Reminds me of the 'zine I wrote...phew, those were the days!

Black Hockey Jesus said...

Thanks for the props!