Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Economic Stimulus Part Drei

For those of you NOT concerned about the impending financial doom, might I suggest digging 6,800 quid out from under your mattress to purchase one of 999 Audi Type-C pedal cars. Then rent a Santa costume so you can bestow this leather and oak trimmed aluminum beauty upon my children Christmas morning. Of course this is contingent on all 999 not being already earmarked for all the good little boys and girls in the U.A.E.

Maybe if The Big Three manufactured limited edition high-end replicas of their 1936 race cars they wouldn't have to be begging the government for bailout money.


PumpkinGirl said...

Wow. I thought a set of leggos would be a cool gift for my kid. How wrong I

old man neill said...

oh man. forget the kid...i want one.