Monday, December 1, 2008


I may have to finally get those tattoos and start ironically drinking PBR to make up for my so seriously falling asleep at the hipster parenting wheel. Not only did I miss out on taking the boys to Kimya Dawson's family concert at the Cedar Cultural Center, I'm also just finding out that she's released a children's album wonderfully titled Alphabutt. Most popular for her contribution to the Juno Soundtrack, the former Moldy Peaches singer has a playful sing-a-long style that could charm kids even when the songs aren't meant for them specifically. Q certainly enjoyed her song I Like Giants when it was in heavy rotation on the Current. So a children's album just seems like the next logical step.

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PumpkinGirl said...

You crack me up. If you're a true hipster parent of the Waldorf variety, you don't allow your kid to listen to recorded music at all. Hmmmm...could work to your advantage at some point when the kid starts wanting to listen to Hannah Montana.