Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Economic Stimulus Part Twee

This past weekend K8 and I started, and almost finished, our xmas shopping for this year. While in the toy stores I couldn't help but notice all the really great toys available for kids older than my own. Of those, the toy that stood out the most is Totem.

Created by Kidsonroof out of Amsterdam, Totem, like most other construction toys, provides children with an opportunity to learn how to follow instructions or to build freely from their own imagination. In addition to each piece being made out of laminated recycled cardboard, they are also decorated with a variety of fantastic designs, symbols, and textures. From what I've seen Totem is a fantastic toy with endless possibilities.

Kidsonroof makes a few other ingeniously simple products worth checking out as well and even gives 5% of all profits to UNICEF. You gotta love the Dutch.

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