Monday, November 17, 2008

Quotes of the Day

Q is building a "zoo" out of Duplos on the living room floor. Ozzi comes along and does his best Godzilla impression.


Our oldest may not be able to write his name yet but at least he's got a good grasp of the American Judicial System. "I'll be the Judge. You be the Jury.", he says banging on the table with a plastic hammer.

It really is amazing what kids pick up. The previous day we had this conversation while looking at a globe.

Q: "Which country is Africa?"
DK: "Africa is a continent, not a country."
K8, from the other room: "Good work Sarah Palin."
Q, pointing to Africa: "Sarah Palin lives in Africa?"
DK: "No. She lives in Alaska."
Q: "Where does John McCain live?"
DK: "Arizona."

And then there was this exchange in the bookstore last week when Q spotted a magazine with Obama on the cover.

Q: "MomMom, look! Obama!"
K8: "Yep."
Q: "He's smiling. Why is he smiling?"
DK: "Because he won the election."
Q: "You vote for him? I vote for him. Barack Obama's your friend? He your friend MomMom?"
K8: "We hope so."
Q, jumping up and down: "Barack Obama's MY friend TOO!"


PumpkinGirl said...

Yer kid's smart. Shoot. I thought mine wuz smart. Amazing what they pick up.

cotten eye joe guy said...

what are you teaching your child