Monday, January 12, 2009

Cabin Fever

Tis the custom in my home
that after holidays
snot shall roam.

Every damn year we are blessed with spending the first half of January nursing runny noses and nasty coughs. That combined with the usual frigid temps this time of year, has once again brought me to the brink of insanity. We NEED to get out of the house... and from what I can tell there are a lot of other parents in the same boat sinking into the frigid waters of stir crazy. But, there are a few life rafts out there.

  • Get your Minnesota on! Forget Pond Hockey, THIS is what Minnesota winters are all about. The Sixth Annual Art Shanty Project on Medicine Lake in Plymouth brings creativity to the already rousing sport of ice-fishing. It's like Burning Man with snowsuits instead of nudity and PBR instead of LSD. This festival on ice runs from Jan. 17th to Feb. 14.
  • Rock The Cradle. Sunday, Jan. 25th. Fun. Fun. Fun... despite it being as packed as the State Fair on a nice day... just fewer pro-wrestling t-shirts.
  • If the kids are still sick and your actually giving a damn about the well-being of other children prevents you from venturing out into the public domain, might I suggest watching the new MAKE show on PBS with the kids then get out the tools and tinker the sniffles away.


PumpkinGirl said...

We have resorted to making pillow forts in our living room. It's a desparate situation. Wanna come over? Bring pillows! Just make sure to wipe your nose beforehand...

I've always wanted to check out the ice shanties but never have...maybe this year!

Heidi said...

I know you are a fan of Mo from a previous post, so thought you should see this:
Award-Winning Author
at Wild Rumpus
The man who wouldn't let the pigeon drive the bus will help a naked mole rat get dressed.
Author Mo Willems is coming to Wild Rumpus Thursday Jan. 22 at 3pm.
And yes, the title of his newest children's book is: "Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed." Parental discretion is NOT advised.